ANATECH has designed a powerful Phono Line Amplifier for home use. Unique and optimzed solution, extremly low input noise and hum with Excellent good linearity! 

Excellence in vacuum tube audio amplifier


The master of analogue
Phono Line Amplifier

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Smooth operation that embraces
analogue audio with great feeling.

Phono Line Amplifier PHLA-9

– Unique and optimised solution of the RIAA-filter.
– Extremely small phase and amplitude deviation from the RIAA-curve.
– Extremely low input noise and hum.
– Excellent good linearity
– No feedback from output to input.

Inputs : Phono, Line ( Tuner – CD – Aux ).

Safety according to IEC / EN 62368-1.

A complete analogue
audio system

for your home environment.

About Us

ANATECH are based in the south east region of Sweden. Analogue electronics are our speciality. Develops customer specification into complete turnkey solutions. Our new range of analogue amplifier and preamplifiers have been carefully designed to meet the keenest of ears.