A revolutionary design where you can change the vacuum tube at your own leasure. Choose between different vacuum tubes to create unique sound that suites your taste in music.

Excellence in vacuum tube audio amplifier



Customize your audio


Change your tubes

ANATECH PA-9 allows you to
change your mood to the music
with interchangeable vacuum tubes
to suit tone and clarity.

Power Amplifier PA-9

Power Output


15-24 Watts ( r.m.s )  into 8 ohm load impedance.

( Depending on Tube complement ).

Distortion ( 1 kHz ) < 1 % at 15 Watts, below 0,05 % at 1 Watt.
Power Bandwidth 10 Hz to 50 kHz ( -3dB points at 15 W ).
Frequency Response 3 Hz to 180 kHz ( -3 dB points at 1 W ).
Gain 24 dB.
Input Sensitivity 0,67 V r.m.s ( 8 ohm load impedance, 15 W ).
Input Impedance 100 kohm.
Tube Complement:

2 – Matched pair 6L6GC – Power Output,
2 – E88CC – Driver.

Interchangeable with each other

  On request the amplifier can be delivered with 5881, 6L6GC, EL34, KT66,  KT77, KT88 or 6550 as power output tubes.
Switch: Power On-Off.
Power Requirements: 230 Vac, 50 Hz, 150 W.
Line Fuse : 2 X T1,6 A, 250 Vac.

Width   150 mm.
Height  350 mm.
Depth   250 mm.

Dimensions casing only

Weight: 13 kg.


– Push-Pull Class A ( Ultra linear ).
– Cathode-Bias, automatically set for recommended tubes.
– Excellent dynamics and bass response.
– Extremely low input noise and hum.
– Excellent good linearity.
– Interstage transformer, no signal capacitors.

The PA-9 is a new breed within amplifiers. Enabling the user to customise their audio experience.

Safety according to IEC / EN 62368-1



A complete analogue
audio system

for your home environment.

About Us

ANATECH are based in the south east region of Sweden. Analogue electronics are our speciality. Develops customer specification into complete turnkey solutions. Our new range of analogue amplifier and preamplifiers have been carefully designed to meet the keenest of ears.